The Best Plays Inc.


Renaissance of Korean Theatre: The Best Plays Inc.

Programs from 2004 to 2018:
7 Festivals Biyearly
51 Productions / 1.9 Million

The Best Plays Inc. organizes The Best Plays Festival for the purpose of motivating and enriching the Korean theater industry. The 1st Best Plays Festival in 2004, launched by Dongsoong Art Center Theater Company, achieved records of gross attendance 170,000 and 81% of capacity over a year, implying that the theater and play could be accepted by wide range of audiences. The Best Plays Inc. started with the 2nd Best Plays Festival. Ten memorable plays were produced and presented two by two for 14 months from December 2007 to February 2009. Hitting the highest records of gross attendance 270,000 and 95% of capacity, we led the industry and opened up new vistas of the future of art festivals.

The 3rd Best Plays Festival, from December 2009 to January 2011, produced eight plays under four main themes. The record of total attendance hit over one million, reclaiming the best theatre production in Korea. The 4th Best Plays Festival, from December 2011 to February 2013, expanded the theatrical base and communicated with more various levels of audiences.

The 5th Best Plays Festival, from May 2014 to January 2015, introduced brand-new overseas plays to present contemporary theatrical works to Korean audience, gaining positive feedback from both audiences and critics in Korea. The 6th Best Plays Festival, from December 2015 to January 2017, introduced new plays that carry profound messages about philosophical and social issues, which can appeal to various audiences of all ages. The ongoing 7th Best Plays Festival, from April 2018 to February 2019, introduces the total number of 4pieces including first license performance which has premiered in 2017 with critical success and also the first performance that had recreated in its original form based on world-wide best seller. Showing various forms of plays through various variations and expansion of theatrical grammar, it provides a fresh unhackneyed and trendy attraction to the audiences of this era.

Our current work is appreciable: we are producing outstanding Korean plays in repertory; we are looking for new plays and playwrights to support; we are introducing remarkable foreign plays; we keep interacting with foreign theater organizations. Finally, we will be happy to let you enjoy the great shows and let more and more people enjoy experiencing theater. It will surely lead to development and enrichment of the industry and culture. The Best Plays' potential audience includes everyone. No one will be missed; for those who are not accustomed to theatrical culture now, we will provide plenty of diverse programs to give them a special experience of theater. Everyone will be connected; everyone who creates theater and everyone who experiences it will be linked with each other through The Best Plays Festival. Renaissance of Korean Theater will come, as you believe us and love theater.

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